May 23, 2017

Grand Prix rider and trainer, Terri Rocovich snagged the golden ticket when she was invited to ride in clinics with both Charlotte Dujardin AND Carl Hester. In her own words, here are Rocovich's biggest takeaways from her lessons with dressage's number one duo:

May 18, 2017

We demand adjustability from our horses; we ought to demand it of ourselves as well! I feel very strongly that cross training really helps the horses become well-rounded and better athletes. Most every other sport advocates some form of athlete cross training, so why s...

May 13, 2017

This horse show will be different. That's what you tell yourself.

May 10, 2017

Is there really more to scaling the top of dressage than simply the mechanics? Perhaps we should we also examine what goes into making a Grand Prix rider besides just knowledge and skill? And if so, what habits and qualities can aspiring riders can adopt to help propel...

May 7, 2017

Raine and Breanna's magic in the court comes from a partnership of thirteen years, nearly a lifetime for the seventeen year old horse. After over a decade together Raine explains, "You know them so well. You know exactly how they think things through and react...

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