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8 Reasons Why USPRE Week Is Disneyland For Dressage Enthusiasts

If Las Vegas is Disneyland for adults then USPRE Week is undoubtedly the happiest place on Earth for dressage enthusiasts. The 5-day long event is kicking off its 8th annual celebration with a bang this evening. The festivities will focus on the "athleticism and utility of the PRE", dazzling visitors with freestyles and various exhibitions.

Needless to say, this Disneyland of dressage has all of the makings of a fabulous attraction without the long lines and overpriced food. Here's the top ten reason why you should attend:

1. It starts with a party.

The Spanish know how to entertain and the USPRE Party will be no exception. "We'll have Spanish Paella and sangria, flamenco dancers, an opera performance, stallion parade, and freestyles in the stadium arena starting at 6 pm." Organizers advise people to get there early as the event that goes from 6-9pm is likely to fill up early. "We think we will have 600- 800 people tonight for the big party. We also have almost 100 members and breeders here from all over the country as well as 90% of our board of directors."

2. You'll get up close and personal with some of the most stunning PRE's from around the world.

According to the USPRE organization "We want to show the equestrian community in Wellington the value and beauty of this horse."In fact the list of PREs submitted to participate in the event has gotten so long that they are unable to feature every exquisite equine offered.

3. It's brimming with incredible dressage exhibitions.

"We want to show people that this horse is built for the sport of dressage. No horse can piaffe like the Spanish horse! We will show freestyles on Wednesday night, and feature some of the best horses in Wellington all evening. I believe the stallion parade will be a particular favorite."

(Image courtesy of USPRE)

4.It's a star-studded show.

The most awarded PRE's alive will be on display strutting their stuff, some even for the last time. Organizers believe that this will be "the US retirement of Grandioso III, the PRE that has been to two Olympics, one World Equestrian Games, and has been Champion of Spain twice. He is owned by Kimberly Van Kampen, who is the founder of USPRE. The retirement will take place during a "special ceremony during the Friday Night Freestyles."

5. Resources for breeders.

"Another highlight is the President of ANCCE, the agency that heads the studbook of the PRE for the world, will be here for the first time. His name is Juan Tirado and we are so pleased to welcome him to Wellington. USPRE manages the PRE Studbook for the US and Canada and ANCCE is so happy with the work we've done for five years that he wanted to come and celebrate with us here in Wellington."

6. The event is open to everyone.

"We reach out to all equestrians and find that often people who have warmbloods will add a PRE to their stable. Our goals are to make the PRE a more acceptable breed for dressage, and to have owners and riders truly want to ride and own one. And, yes, we welcome non-members of USPRE to join us as well! "

(Image courtesy of USPRE)

7. It's packed with educational clinics and a master class featuring experts from around the world.

"We now bring over experts from Spain, including the vet who treats our Olympic horse, Grandioso III, to give seminars. In addition, "Friday during the morning we will have a Working Equitation Clinic at Hampton Green Farm with Doina Fisher who comes to U.S. from Switzerland." They'll also host "a TRC Prep Clinic by Sebastian Bastida, an acclaimed handler of the PRE horse, at MTICA farm to help breeders prepared for the TRC this summer."

8. It's free.

According to the organizers there are no tickets. The entire week is free to everyone. The only exception is the clinics which are free to members, or $10 to nonmembers.

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